WWE ’13 Roster Not Confirmed, Y2J’s Brazil Incident, More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— While a list of wrestlers featured in the WWE ’13 game has been revealed, it is not final. The official, final roster will not be released until August.

— Chris Jericho’s incident where he kicked the Brazilian flag, leading to a suspension, reportedly happened at the beginning of his match with CM Punk. The match continued for about eight minutes before John Laurinaitis came down to ringside and told Jericho to apologize, which he did. Despite earlier rumors, Jericho was not rushed out of the building or the country; he left with the rest of the roster for Ecuador.

— In another bad ratings note for Raw, DVR viewing for the show is down. DVR viewing had jumped significantly when Rock came back in February of 2011, up to about,000 viewers per week. Over the past six weeks the numbers have dropped, ranging from 277,000 to 370,000.

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