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WWE 2K18 Gets Major Patch Update for PS4


2K Games announced a patch update this week for WWE 2K18. The patch is available for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It will be available for the Xbox One and Windows PC versions soon.

The patch is about 2GB in size and fixes a number of bugs and issues that have been plaguing WWE 2K18.

Road to Glory Fixes

• Fixed issue where a MyPLAYER’s qualification progress was reset in bad networking situations in Road to Glory.

• Fixed issue with PSN wait time and matchmaking times in Road to Glory.

Highlight Video:

• Create a video – added the ability to choose from cutscenes using the following entrance, promo, and universe/career. From these sub options you can choose the cast (wrestlers) for the highlights.

General Bug Fixing

• Gameplay: The referee fails to count pin falls or disqualifications in 8-man matches with entrances on in gameplay.

• Fixed an issue where Ref doesn’t count the pin in Tag Team matches when entrances are enabled.

• Universe: The title fatal crashes when starting any promo in Universe.

• Fixed crash that would occur when starting a user-created Self-Promotion Promo.

• Fixed an exploit that allowed rivalries to occur between Superstars of different genders

• Fixed not being able to select the “No Mercy” PPV theme when customizing a PPV.

• Fixed Royal Rumble winners being booked into title matches for the World Title of both co-hosting shows at WrestleMania.

• Fixed some cases where rivalries would break and lead to continuous One-on-One and Two-on-Two matches between the rivals.

– Note: This patch will not retroactively fix a broken rivalry.

• Fixed cutscenes where the wrong Superstars are shown, or where Superstars are swapped.

• Reduced chances of Falls Count Anywhere matches being booked on Major Shows.

• Increased chances of rivalries occurring that involve a champion; this should lead to more title matches occurring overall.

• The Duration of naturally-occurring rivalries will now vary.

* Non-title rivalries will be randomized between Short and Medium durations.

* Title rivalries will be randomized between Medium and Long durations.

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