WWE 2K20 Developer Talks Video Games Inspiring Legends to Return


Mark Little, Executive Producer at Visual Concepts (2K Games) was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda and discussed the impact of the video games have had on bringing back returning legends such as Sting and Goldberg, who were pre-order bonuses for WWE 2K15 and WWE 2K17 respectively:

“We’ve heard this from a couple of legends. They felt like people didn’t care about them for so long, because they’ve been out of the spotlight for so very long. So jumping back into the ring would seem like a huge step. But jumping into our game is not as big a step for them. So, they get in the game and people react so strongly to them being in the game that it kinda lights that fire in them to get back in the business. It’s kinda cool to see that it works both ways, you know.”

WWE 2K20 is available now, but has received some mixed reviews upon release.

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