WWE 2K22 Reportedly Delayed Until 2022


According to a new report from Fightful, WWE 2K22 could very well be delayed until next year. This comes after the last game in the series [WWE 2K20] was heavily criticized for its glitch-filled gameplay.

According to the report, Take 2 Interactive (the creators of the WWE 2K series) have delayed multiple games. When Fightful reached out to ask if the next entry in their wrestling game series would be part of the delays, they indicated they had no information to share at the time.

However, several members of the WWE roster stated they “had been notified that the game wouldn’t release in 2021, and were told that it will likely figure into WrestleMania season marketing.”

2K tend to make their big announcements for the next entry in the series over SummerSlam weekend. This theme looks like it will be carrying on this year, with the company already confirming that more details about the game will be shared during the pay-per-view.

So far all that has been released by 2K regarding the WWE 2K22 game is the first initial trailer and some motion-capture clips. Also, there are two screenshots of Edge that can be found below:

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