WWE Adding A Best Of Luke Harper Collection & More To The WWE Network


WWE sent out the following today, revealing that some new programming will be coming to the WWE Network in January. Here is a list of the content:

The Day Of: WWE TLC 2020
WWE Untold: AJ Styles’ Debut
Pat Patterson Story
WWE Chronicle: Bianca Belair
The Day Of: Royal Rumble 2014
WWE Icons: Yokozuna

Original Series
Broken Skull Sessions: Bayley
WWE Playback: 2020 Royal Rumble Matches
Roundtable: First Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble 2021
Weekly Episodes of NXT UK & 205 Live
Weekly Independent Wrestling Shows
13 Episodes of Wrestling Challenge

The Best Of
Roman Reigns’ Championship Matches
Luke Harper
Attitude Era Royal Rumble Matches
Royal Rumble Matches of the 2000s

New Episodes
RAW Talk
Talking Smack
WWE’s The Bump
This Week In WWE
Notsam Wrestling

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