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NewsWWE & Amazon Consolidate Lawsuits Against Counterfeiters, WWE/MLW Update

WWE & Amazon Consolidate Lawsuits Against Counterfeiters, WWE/MLW Update



Pwinsider is reporting that WWE and Amazon’s joint lawsuit against the 13 defendants who attempted to counterfeit and market WWE Championship replica belts has been consolidated into one lawsuit.

As reported in August, Amazon and WWE filed suits against 13 defendants who marketed the counterfeit belts in their online Amazon stores. WWE partnered with Amazon’s Counterfeit Crime Unit to use IP address identification technology to track those using fraudulent locations and identities to operate their counterfeit businesses. Subsequently, they were able to identify the bad actors. Reportedly, some of the defendants were identified as being from Middlesex County in New Jersey and WWE and Amazon received assistance from Middlesex County law enforcement to pursue and apprehend the counterfeiters.

In other lawsuit news, there has yet to be a ruling on WWE’s motion to dismiss MLW’s lawsuit against them. MLW filed the lawsuit back in January citing that WWE and Vince McMahon interfered with MLW’s prospective relationships with networks that were going to partner with them. The suit also alleged that WWE blocked MLW’s planned streaming deal with Tubi, which is owned by FOX. WWE filed a motion to have the suit dismissed due to MLW’s lack of evidence of their alleged monopoly on networks and third-party streaming platforms.

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