WWE Asks Fans About Adding Impact Wrestling And ROH Programming To The Network


WWE issued a survey to fans on their mailing list on Wednesday morning to look for feedback for potential WWE Network changes and programming. As of this writing, WWE has not announced anything official. However, in the past, certain ideas they have sought feedback on were never actually executed. Here was what was included in the survey, courtesy of PWinsider.com:

*Reviving a “new” version of Extreme Championship Wrestling or another “edgy TV” 14 style wrestling program.

*Broadcasting select house shows.

*Broadcasting “Historic and new” programming from Ring of Honor.

*Broadcasting “GFW/Impact Wrestling/TNA.”

*WWE Legends House Season 2.

*WWE-style reality series where the contestants are trying to win a job with WWE.

*Potential new tournaments including WWE vs. NXT, a lucha libre tournament, a tag team tournament, tournaments based on a region (think UK championship) and a King/Queens of the Ring tournament.

*Reality series visiting WWE stars’ homes.

*Reality series showing life on the road.

*Reality series focusing on WWE stars’ training and workouts.

*Special events from unique locations. [Note from Mike: Like the Hardy compound, perhaps?]

*Director’s Cut, described as WWE Legends and current stars narrating historic PPVs, matches and events.

*Superstar Roasts.

*A WWE version of “The Office.”

*Southpaw Regional Wrestling (described as a comedy)

*An audio section featuring play by play music, podcasts, sports-radio style call in shows and more.

*Other promotions’ historic and new programming, with potential choices listed as PROGRESS, New Japan, and ICW.

*Wrestling-themed dramas “inspired by wrestling’s colorful and rich history”, described as WWE’s version of Game of Thrones.

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