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WWE Backstage Report: April 14, 2020


Edge is Backstage!

Nine long years, and the Rated R Superstar is back in the WWE ring! And now, after watching a highlight reel of fan reactions, he joins Renee and Christian on FS1. Christian says that last clip was the most obvious fake crying ever. Edge says Christian would know. Christian agrees, because he is soulless. “And so it begins.” But WrestleMania 36’s Last Man Standing Match was Edge’s first full match in the last nine years. How did it feel to be back? Edge says this year was so odd and different given what’s going on. He had to wrap his head around a way to still do this without the usual things, like a crowd. Then there was getting back in the groove and answer some questions he still had.

The Royal Rumble is one thing, even with Edge being in it for 25 minutes. But a singles match is much different. By the time he and Randy Orton were done, it was 40 minutes long and that actually surprised him. He felt he could’ve gone another two hours given how good he felt. That was a big test that proved he could do this again. Edge feels like he’s back at about where he was those nine years ago. Obviously, he still needs to tailor his style to fit his recovery and his age. And yes, he knows Beth Phoenix was “perturbed” after seeing him take some risks. But Last Man Standing needed things like that. And it felt good to be back in that “realm” as opposed to just getting time on a treadmill or stationary bike.

Christian says that Edge was one of the many superstars who had to adjust to empty arena wrestling. But many, including Christian, will say that those promos were some of Edge’s best ever. What does Edge feel about them? He enjoyed the promo aspect a lot. It allows more attention to detail, and you can hear that here, whereas it might get lost in front of a crowd. When fans aren’t there, you get to “show your chops.” That was a really cool part.

Before that first in-ring empty arena promo, Edge told the cameraman that he was “coming right down the barrel.” It surprised the guy but Edge said he had to. Edge had to go straight to camera so as to be straight to Orton and the audience. It was fun, like a monologue for stage theater. That has been the rewarding part. Edge does miss the audience, but we’re delving into areas we don’t normally get to, and that is a part of the craft that is new and fun.

Renee asks about other things in the build to WrestleMania that Edge and/or others had to adapt to. Edge says the change of mindset for promos was the biggest one. There is no audience to feed off of or interact with, so things become much more personal. You need to play to the camera or it’s just weird and inorganic. It feels more natural to talk to the camera. That’s how these have to be within these current circumstances. Renee says it is fresh, having come from being the backstage correspondent interviewing superstars. It was nice for them to now connect to the home audience. Edge agrees, because it allows for a more conversational and real style. He feels the WWE should bring that in.

And Edge is also thankful for the last nine years being on television show sets, because he has a whole new tool belt he didn’t have before. He might not have been prepared like he is now without that. Christian notes that Edge’s chemistry with Orton, like Christian’s own, was undeniable. How seamless was it for them to put the feud together? It was so natural. The moment Edge first came back, he said, “It has to be Randy.” Edge knows that when Orton can sink his teeth in, “there’s no one better.” When Orton is motivated, he is top notch in everything. In the ring, on the mic, Orton can take it to another level not even he knows he has. This feud did that for them both.

Before the quarantines, when Orton and Edge had crowds there, those reactions were as they thought and more. That first night, Orton’s first attack got fansĀ screaming, and that told Edge this is above their expectations. It’s as Christian said about the instant chemistry. Orton has been someone like that for both Edge and Christian. It was so much fun. And after nine years off, Edge knew he was rusty and would need help, so again, who better than Orton? There was confidence and comfort but also that motivation and reality. Edge feels he fires Orton up and Orton fires him up. A lot of what they tapped into was truth. Renee says Edge’s return has definitely been a bright spot for us all during such a “tumultuous” 2020. The WWE 24 special really hit right in the feels, and we get a clip of it now.

Edge narrates that after nine years, there are questions. He can think he has this, but he won’t know until he goes out there and does it. Edge gets a good luck kiss for Beth, then Drew McIntyre ELIMINATES Brock Lesnar. Edge gets a good luck hug from Christian as he narrates, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t know I could do it.” The countdown ends, the music hits, and the WWE Universe lost its collective mind! The reaction backstage was also great, with Shane McMahon at the helm and Matt Riddle raising his hands in joy. Beth was almost in tears, but of joy.

Back in the present, Renee admits she started WrestleMania’s second day with some crying of her own because of that documentary. But what was it like for him to watch it all back? “Insane.” Edge says the production team crushed it. And just being able to encapsulate “this happy accident.” The documentary wasn’t supposed to be that, and starts off with Edge saying as much. It starts with Edge framing “life after wrestling” and how he adapted. But then it became this “insanity” that is all caught on tape. That is the element that touches hearts the most. A thing that was never supposed to happen is caught on tape as it happens. It was lightning in a bottle, serendipity, etc. He isn’t sure how to put it himself, but Edge says being at the center of that “maelstrom of positivity” was wild.

And even more mind-blowing, the last time Edge was wrestling, fans didn’t record reactions to things. That phenomena just blew Edge away. “That was so humbling” just to know and see the effect he had on the fans. It reminds him of why he was a fan as a kid in the first place. Edge was with his uncle and they saw Hulk Hogan, and it took hold. There’s so much to this, and he’s grateful to Beth for being his rock. Shout out to the Glamazon!

Christian asks how integral Beth was in all this. Obviously, the documentary catches a glimpse, but what was her reaction to the match? They watched it together, and she wasn’t totally pleased about the DDT to the truck bed… But she’s happy and proud. Edge believes that if you can visualize something, you can manifest it. That’s what this is, and they were in this together. This only happened because Edge had a team around him. He has his nutritionist, his trainers, he has Beth and seam team that put his gear together for him. All of it came together but top secret, so that you could get that true reaction from fans. That reaction is so rare because so much gets announced or leaked. Protecting that secret was like protecting his baby. And it all worked out in the end.

Renee thanks Edge for taking the time to talk, and gives him congratulations on the great abs. Christian is glad they only now mentioned those. Christian had a vomit bag just in case. Edge says Christian is just upset because he’s going to go for his “dad walk” later. Go Canada! When and where will we get to see the Rated R Superstar again?

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