WWE Backstage coverage

WWE Backstage Report: April 14, 2020


Backstage discusses WWE’s cinematic matches!

WrestleMania Night 1 had the Boneyard Match! Night 2 had the Firefly Fun House Match! And even NXT’s unofficial TakeOver of USA Network had One Last Beat. Renee discusses 1v1 with CM Punk about these matches, and she personally loves them all. Punk’s take is that it has its good and its bad. His favorite is the Boneyard Match far and away because of the strong character in The Undertaker. Taker can shoot lightning out of his hands and teleport. He has the currency with the fans to do the “hokey” stuff, like the movie style exaggerated striking sound effects. You can’t really do that with guys who haven’t had the longevity, and it exposes things a little. In certain situations, big thumbs up. Just don’t beat it into the ground.

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