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WWE Backstage Report: April 14, 2020


Backstage takes us back in time!

It was Raw on April 14, 2003 when Booker T teamed with The Hurricane to defeat the tag team of Ric Flair and HHH! With some help from Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. To which, Booker DECKED HBK and left Nash speechless!

Renee asks what he said at the end there, and Booker says, “You don’t want to know.” But speaking of memories, Money in the Bank has become a big staple of the WWE. All three have been in the MITB but only CM Punk has come away Mr. MITB. What goes on putting a match like this together? Ask Christian, because he’s been in seven. But there’s always someone in the match that is the ring general. Punk was the new guy in his first official WrestleMania moment. Punk went along with whatever the others said, and Christian was in there helping direct traffic. There was a lot of stupid stuff as the young, hungry guy and Punk put his body on the line.

Booker was only in one, for good reason. He sucked! But he remembers going to Christian asking what he’s supposed to be doing. Christian says that the only reason he was in so many was to keep them together. Why didn’t he book himself to win? Well it was before his manly chest hair came in. But in seriousness, the toughest part of MITB is being aware of what you were doing, as well as everyone else. There are so many moving parts in the MITB ladder match, especially the ladders themselves. Ladders have minds of their own and anything can happen. The biggest thing relates back to the early days of tag team ladder matches, such as the original TLC. The prize changes the trajectory of the winner’s career, which is why they’re such special matches.

Renee asks about Punk and Christian being in the one match together. Christian got hit in the eye, because when Kofi Kingston dropkicks the ladder, it gets him in the face. Punk surely remembers that match, too. You can’t call stuff on the fly like other matches. Punk had to wait for Christian or Booker to do their spot, then he can come in, then Sheamus and so on. Like Christian says, wrestling with furniture can throw everything out of the window. Everything’s fine until Christian gets hit in the eye with a ladder and starts bleeding. Christian has to take time out of the match, and everyone else is left waiting.

Christian admits he’s terrified of needles, and yet had to have in his face in front of 70 thousand. But he managed to see what was going on, pushed past the doc but assured him he’d be back. Christian gets in, does a spot, then goes back to getting his face needled. So everyone came out a winner. Punk was the actual winner of the match, but still. Who knows what happens in this year’s MITB, but we all know it’ll be exciting.

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