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WWE Backstage Report: April 14, 2020


Backstage goes Hollywood!

The WWE recently put out a Netflix original film, The Main Event! Renee says she had a lot of fun playing her part, and Backstage gives us a sample. Renee returns to NXT and to commentary alongside Corey Graves, but is a bit grim thinking someone’s gonna die in the Steel Cage match. “Oh I’m sorry. Have you seen the size of Kid Chaos?” Graves admits she has a point but assures the audience that no one will die. The action will be incredible, especially if someone dies.

Punk says Renee is a natural. Acting is like pro-wrestling, it is a natural extension of yourself. Main Event Renee is the extremely bloodthirsty Canadian within her. Booker liked it, and Christian notes she’s changed since that movie came out. Renee says it wasn’t just her dabbling in film. Booker was in WCW’s Ready to Rumble with David Arquette. But there’s also some classic footage to show off Booker’s acting chops. It was from the Road to WrestleMania 21, and while the now late great Eddie Guerrero was John Travolta’s Vincent Vega, Booker played Samuel L. Jackson’s role of Jules Winnfield in a parody of Pulp Fiction.

“Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! Now can you dig that, SUCKAAA?!” Tickets to WrestleMania 21!

What would it take to bring that hair back? Booker cracks up laughing, and Christian says Booker looks like he ate Samuel L. Jackson. If there is ever a reboot, Punk says Booker should absolutely get that same role. Or the guy who gets his head blown off. But that’s all, folks! Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.

My Thoughts:

A really good episode jam packed with material. I just wish Punk had more to share about the cinematic matches, such as analysis of the stories they told. But other than that, it was great hearing from him and from Edge tonight. I do admit that while I was excited about Strowman VS Wyatt, this is too soon. Punk and the panel is right that Strowman should build his reign on someone else before coming back to his past with Bray. Strowman VS Nakamura would’ve been a great extended feud to go into MITB. At the same time, as they noted about a prolonged McIntyre VS Rollins feud, I could see the same for Strowman and Wyatt. There’s plenty of history for Wyatt to dig up and pick on in regards to Strowman, maybe both brands will have prolonged feuds for the top titles during Empty Arena Era.

I also like everyone’s comments on Ronda’s comments towards pro-wrestling. Booker and Christian point out something I don’t think too many others were. Ronda may be trying to do a worked shoot but it just writes herself into a corner. Why would she come back to something she says is fake and beneath MMA now? Though, I will say Nia’s tweet was some strong stuff that could do it in kayfabe. And I hope Punk is right about WWE finally getting on that Four Horsewomen VS Four Horsewomen battle. He predicted the tension between Lana and Lashley, so maybe his words will come true in time for Survivor Series 2020.

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