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WWE Backstage Report: March 3, 2020


WWE Backstage relives a WrestleMania Moment.

WrestleMania 18, aka WrestleMania X8, Icon VS Icon! The Rock VS Hollywood Hulk Hogan! A generational battle that fans could not hate no matter how hard they tried! The Rock came out on top but Hogan showed him great respect. Will we see another immortal and electrifying moment this year?

Backstage relives some of Jeff Hardy’s greatest Mania Moments!

“Jeff Hardy getting extreme as extreme can be!” WrestleMania 2000, aka WrestleMania 16, Jeff Hardy’s SUPER SWANTON BOMB off the ladder through a table! The year after at Mania 17, a SUPER SWANTON BOMB off ANOTHER ladder, through another table! Of course, he also did get SPEARED out of the air by Edge in THE TLC match that defined the match. WrestleMania 23, Money in the Bank, the SUPER SEATED SENTON that crashed him and Edge through a ladder! WrestleMania 33 practically recreated that in the Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match as Jeff SUPER SWANTON BOMBED The Bar, Sheamus & Cesaro, through ladders! “Only at WrestleMania!”

Renee and Jeff discuss that highlight reel.

Jeff has plenty of other moments to choose from, but what sticks out the most? The return in 2017, he and Matt take the New Day’s place in the Raw Tag Team Ladder Match. Winning those titles was just the cherry on top of a hectic weekend. The night before, the Hardy Boys had another big tag team title ladder match at a big event against another great tag team (ROH World Tag Team Championship Ladder War with the Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor). Jeff alone went through three tables and took 20 Superkicks or something, but he and Matt were still good to go for Mania. A wild March with a lot of lies and secrets, for good reason. They did a lot of hiding and sneaking around until it was finally go time.

Renee talks that night itself and that massive reaction. Jeff says that getting to gorilla, seeing guys he hadn’t seen in so long and getting to embrace, it was all amazing. Jeff wants another Mania Moment or two, but what does he picture one being? He has to figure that out, but he knows there are moments for sure. Jeff remembers letting his girls in on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships just before it was announced, and his girls are ready to be the Hardy Girls! Jeff is ready to train those two when the time comes.

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