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WWE Backstage Report: March 3, 2020


JBL takes part in Social Media SmackDown!

“It’s the first time anybody’s ever talked trash about me on the internet. Ever!” Shocking, we know. But tonight’s trash talk comes from Nick Dzioba who says “JBL SUCKS. Hope he never announces anything again.” That’s the best he has? His mama must be one of JBL’s old “rizzats.” JBL is gonna call Mama Dzioba to go down to the basement to turn Nick’s wifi off, because if that’s the best he’s got, JBL will explain this to him: “The lion doesn’t care what the sheep thinks.” JBL will unblock Nick just to block Nick again! There’s your 15 seconds of fame! That was hot like lava! “Say hi to mama!” He’s still got it!

My Thoughts:

What a great episode! JBL is great and I am so happy for him that he’s in the HOF this year. JBL was definitely a perfect Heel, because as much as I appreciate his work in retrospect, I was definitely against him growing up and watching him work. It was also great for Cena to give that video message to him, and to hear that story about Vader VS JBL and then JBL VS Cena. The stories of Eddie Guerrero were great, too. I so clearly remember that line about the boat and the inner tube, and it is so amazing that Eddie fed him that line. Nick Dzioba got deservedly served because JBL does not suck, Nick’s just a mark.

Also having Jeff for his stories and updates was great for the episode. Jeff’s return is going to be great, wherever it is and whoever it is against. The conversation on the Chamber match was fun, and it really puts that match in perspective. And thinking about it, there are definitely only a few repeat competitors even in recent years. Maybe that’s half the reason we’re not getting a SmackDown Women’s Chamber, since Bayley and Sasha Banks were in one last year for the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Championships. Speaking of, I am also very hopeful we get the Hardy Girls in like 15 years and they can have those titles to follow in their dad’s and uncle’s footsteps.

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