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NewsWWE Battleground 2016 Results (7/24) - Live Coverage - Reigns/Rollins/Ambrose & Tons...

WWE Battleground 2016 Results (7/24) – Live Coverage – Reigns/Rollins/Ambrose & Tons More



Event: WWE Battleground 2016 Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, July 24th, 2016 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The The Barclays Center im Brooklyn, New York
Results by Jason Namako of

Breezango def. The Usos during the Kickoff show. Big reaction for Breezango’s win.

A video package runs focusing on the rivalries taking place tonight at Battleground. The package then looks at Dean Ambrose defending the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and the returning Roman Reigns live tonight on the WWE Network.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WWE Battleground. We go live to Washington, DC where a huge display of pyro goes off inside the Verizon Center.

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke are out first to kick off the show.

Former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley will team with Sasha Banks tonight.

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Charlotte and Dana Brooke attack Sasha Banks and Bayley immediately. The referee gets between the girls to back everyone off to officially start the match.

We start with Charlotte and Bayley. Charlotte with kicks to Bayley in the corner. Charlotte with chops in the corner as well. Bayley with a springboard elbow and a tag Sasha Banks. Banks with a kick to the face and a messy looking springboard huricanrana. That didn’t end up the way they wanted. Charlotte dumps Banks face first into the second turnbuckle as Banks falls to the outside. Tag to Dana who chokes Banks with her boot and yells to the referee, “I know the rules!” Banks drops Dana into the ropes. Dana eats a slap and a hot tag to Bayley. Bayley shots to the chest of Dana and gets in a shot on Charlotte. Bayley with a sitdown clothesline on Dana, splash in the corner, jumping elbow to Dana and Charlotte with a distraction letting Dana trip up Bayley. Bayley hit the back of her head off the top turnbuckle on the way down. Bayley with a roll up for a two count on Dana..

Dana flips up at Bayley in the corner choking her with her boot. Both Dana and Bayley collide and both are down. Tags to Charlotte and Banks. Banks with a big dropkick on Charlotte and follows with a big knee as well. Banks with her knees to the mid section on Charlotte in the corner. Banks with a shot on Dana on the ring apron and a cross body on Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte drops Banks with a big boot and connects with the Natural Selection. Bayley breaks up the pinfall. Dana tosses Bayley out. Bayley drops Dana face first on the ring apron. Banks with the Bank Statement on Charlotte. Dana pulls Charlotte out. Bayley with a dropkick to Dana and Charlotte takes out Bayley. Back inside, Banks gets the Bank Statement again. Charlotte is trying to fight it. Charlotte has no choice and taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match, Charlotte grabs her WWE Women’s Championship and stares down both Sasha Banks and Bayley. Bayley and Banks smile at each other and hug in the ring.

A video package runs hyping The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family tonight.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

Before the match, Xavier Woods brings up how New Day is the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. Big E talks about New Day getting drafted to RAW, but most importantly they were drafted “together baby!” Kofi Kingston talks about the WWE Draft splitting up The Wyatt Family. Woods warns they could be more dangerous than ever.

We start with Bray Wyatt and Xavier Woods. Woods with a dropkick to a laughing Wyatt. Tag to Kofi who gets leveled by Braun Strowman who gets the tag. Strowman with a huge splash on Kofi and tags in Erick Rowan who gets in a shot to the ribs of Kofi. Rowan with an elbow to the lower back of Kofi. Rowan drops Kofi with a quick clothesline.

Tag to Wyatt who connects with an uppercut on Kofi. Wyatt plants Kofi with a scoop slam and running senton. Wyatt levels Kofi with a huge clothesline. Wyatt stares down Woods who drops down backing away from Wyatt. Tag to Strowman who works over Kofi in the corner. Tag to Rowan who stomps away at the lower back of Kofi. Tag to Wyatt who eats a quick from Kofi during a splash attempt. Kofi dumps Wyatt to the outside. Hot tag to Big E. Big E levels Rowan with a series of clotheslines and then a belly-to-belly. Big E with a big frog splash over Rowan. Strowman with a distraction and Rowan with a roll up for two. Big E with a huge overhead belly-to-belly on Rowan. Strowman breaks it up and chops the hell out of Woods. Wyatt with an uppercut on Big E and Rowan plants Big E. Kofi breaks it up. Strowman misses a big boot on Kofi and goes over the top rope. Kofi leaps over the top rope taking out Strowman. Big E with an elbow to Rowan and tag to Kofi. Rowan sends Big E shoulder first to the corner and out. Kofi kicks Rowan away. Tag to Wyatt who goes for Sister Abigail when Woods breaks it up. Woods gets in the face of Wyatt. Wyatt with an uppercut to Kofi and then plants him. Woods attacks Wyatt. Woods with a jumping dropkick to Wyatt. Woods with a leaping elbow to Wyatt. Wyatt tosses him to the ring apron. Woods with a kick to the face of Wyatt. Woods comes off the top turnbuckle and connects with a splash. Woods with a superkick to Rowan sending him to the outside. Woods with an elbow to Strowman. Big E with a spear to Strowman! Big E came down hard on his head. Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Woods for the pinfall.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match, Bray Wyatt gets on his knees and yells, “Follow the buzzards!”

A promo airs for WWE SummerSlam on August 21.

Lana is inside the ring and wants the audience to stand up to welcome the true American hero, your United States Champion and the only one who can have her, Rusev!

WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Rusev with a takedown early on Ryder. Rusev with an arm drag keeping Ryder grounded. Rusev pushes Ryder to the corner. Ryder with elbows to Rusev. Ryder catches Rusev with a quick elbow and bails. Rusev walks him down and Ryder with a dropkick through the ropes catching Rusev on the outside. Ryder tosses Rusev back in, avoids a charge and gets his knees up in the corner. Rusev swats away a dropkick attempt and kicks Ryder on the back. Rusev with big right hands to Ryder. Rusev with a spinning heel kick catching Ryder. Ryder with elbows. Ryder with a leaping elbow to Rusev. More elbows from Ryder. More shots from Ryder to Rusev in the corner. Rusev blocks a Broski Boot attempt. Rusev with a big knee to the gut of Ryder. Ryder counters with a neckbreaker as Rusev went for a suplex! Ryder connects with a modified Broski Boot and Rusev kicks out. Rusev dumps Ryder over the barricade at ringside. Rusev charges at Ryder and Ryder moves out of the way. Ryder with a missile dropkick on Rusev jumping off the ring barricade. Back inside, Ryder connects with the Rough Ryder. Ryder is going up top, jumps and Rusev gets his knees up to block the flying elbow attempt. Rusev with a kick to the back of the head. Rusev stomps over the lower back of Ryder. Rusev gets The Accolade applied. Ryder is fighting to his knees. Rusev then falls to his back to apply more pressure. Ryder taps out.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Rusev

After the match, Rusev keeps it applied until the referee breaks it up. Rusev then keeps stomping over the lower back of Ryder. Mojo Rawley runs out and gets in the face of Rusev. Rusev just stares at Rawley who continues to hype himself up. Rusev eventually leaves as Rawley checks on Ryder. Rawley yells down at Rusev as he heads to the back.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are talking when Seth Rollins walks in. Foley and Stephanie talk about how Rollins can bring the WWE Championship back to RAW tonight. Rollins said tonight he wins back the title he never lost.

A video package runs hyping Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Owens and Zayn brawl on the outside right away. Owens sends Zayn into the ring barricade with a thud. Zayn irish whips Owens into the other ring barricade. Zayn with another barricade shot on Owens and follows with a clothesline. Back inside the ring, Zayn catches Owens with a heel kick. Zayn with a kick to the face of Owens and attempts a springboard when Owens crotches him on the top rope. Owens with his somersault to Zayn in the corner. Owens yells at Zayn to look at him. Owens with right hands and chops. More chops from Owens that level Zayn.

Owens drops Zayn off the top rope and continues with back and front kicks. Owens with a senton splash that almost doesn’t catch Zayn. Owens with a snapmare to Zayn, teases a kick to the back and instead pulls Zayn down in a headlock. The referee asks Zayn if he wants to give up. Owens yells, “Yes he does!” Zayn quickly disagrees. Zayn with a Michinoku Driver on Owens. With Owens on the outside, Zayn tries dropping down on the top rope to flip back and ends up botching it. Zayn is favoring his right shoulder/arm. Owens throws the bad shoulder of Zayn off the steel ring post. Back inside, Zayn somehow catches Owens with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two count. Both are up top. Owens is looking to hit a superplex. Zayn fights off Owens and Owens falls back. Zayn jumps, Owens moves and Zayn eats a big superkick from Owens. Owens with a Crossface on Zayn. Zayn is pulling himself towards the ropes. Zayn gets his feet on the bottom rope to break it up. Owens with a standing clothesline shot on Zayn in the corner. Zayn with an overhead suplex on Owens into the corner. Owens rolls out. Owens gets Zayn on his shoulders on the ring apron. Zayn drops down and hits a suplex on Owens right over the ring apron! Zayn and Owens exchange right hands. Zayn gets the better of Owens. Owens covers up and rolls out. Owens catches Zayn with a superkick as Zayn charged in to the opening in the corner. Owens with his cannonball catching some of Zayn in the corner. Owens off the top connecting with a a frog splash. Owens hooks the leg and Zayn somehow kicks out. Zayn with a tornado DDT on Owens. Owens catches Zayn with another superkick. Zayn counters a Pop Up Powerbomb and connects with two overhead german suplexes! Zayn gets a two count. They are getting a standing ovation in Washington, DC right now. Owens connects with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Zayn gets his foot on the bottom rope. Owens can’t believe it. Owens slaps Zayn and asks why he won’t stay down. Zayn asks for more. Zayn with an overhead suplex to Owens in the corner. Another overhead suplex that plants Owens. Zayn with a running boot to the face of Owens in the corner. Zayn goes for a second and connects. Zayn hooks the leg for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Footage is shown of Breezango defeating The Usos during the Kickoff show tonight.

Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

Lock up and Becky pushes Natalya against the ropes. Becky with repeated takedowns on Natalya. Back inside, Natalya trips up Becky. Becky with a roll up for a two count. Becky with an arm drag and dropkick on Natalya. Natalya rolls out to regain her composure. Becky with a dropkick to the back of Natalya. Becky is fired up going after Natalya on the outside. Natalya gets Becky caught up in the apron and goes to work on her knee. Natalya sends Becky knee first into the steel ring steps. Natalya gets Becky grounded to work on her left knee. Becky tries to fight out and Natalya keeps her grounded. Natalya poses smiling as she throws the left knee of Becky off the mat. Becky with a kick to the head of Natalya. Becky with uppercuts and a series of clotheslines. Becky with an exploder on Natalya from the corner. Becky is going for her armbar. Natalya counters and gets the Sharpshooter applied. Becky gets to the ropes to break it up. Becky with a missile dropkick on Natalya. Natalya kicks through the referee’s legs to drop Becky on her bad knee. Natalya gets the Sharpshooter applied again. Becky is reaching for the ropes. Natalya pulls her back to the center of the ring. Becky has no choice and taps out.

Winner: Natalya

Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan talk with WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. They warn him about Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns tonight. McMahon and Bryan want him to keep the WWE Championship on Smackdown Live. Bryan talks about having wars with The Shield and brings up how everyone always worried about Ambrose the most.

A promo for Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam on August 21 airs.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
The Miz (c) w/ Maryse vs. Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund

Darren Young chases Miz down early and Miz gets in the ropes to break it up. Young with an arm drag takedown keeping Miz grounded. Young with another takedown on Miz into a front face lock. Miz catches Young with a shoulder tackle. Miz eats a big elbow from Young followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Young with chops to Miz. Maryse distracts Young yelling at him from ringside letting Miz shove Young off the top rope to the outside. Miz drops Young chest first off the ring barricade and then sends Young back first into the side of the ring. Back inside, Miz now keeps Young grounded with a headlock. Miz with another headlock takedown on Young. Miz looks for a backslide pinfall attempt. Young is fighting it. Miz counters and connects with a boot to the face. Young with a huge clothesline on Miz. Young with a series of clotheslines and an overhead suplex on Miz. Miz rolls out to the ring apron. Young drops Miz back first off the ring apron. Back inside, Young hooks the leg for a two count. Miz counters a Crossface Chickenwing attempt and rolls out. Bob Backlund is getting in his face. Young tosses Miz back inside. Maryse slaps Backlund. Maryse falls down and yells at Miz ath Backlund hit her. Miz pushes Backlund over. Young jumps on the back of Miz and applies the Crossface Chickenwing. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, referees break it up at ringside.

A video package runs hyping John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Club.

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Club

Before the match, Enzo Amore said you are looking at the Mount Rushmore of Certified G’s. He understands Rushmore has four people, but with John Cena it is like four people. Enzo tosses out some advice including lying on your resume and never looking anyone in the eye while you are eating a banana. His last piece of advice: do no step in this ring with these three unless you have a great dental plan. Big Cass says AJ Styles has a soccer mom haircut and suggests he pack sandwiches for his boys in The Club and drop them off at RAW. He says as Styles makes that long drive to Smackdown Live, he will remember how tonight went. Cass ends the promo with a “SAWFT” chant.

We start with Enzo Amore and Karl Anderson. Anderson decides to tag in AJ Styles. Styles with a quick arm drag on Enzo. The crowd starts a “SOCCER MOM” chant at Styles. Enzo smiles. Styles with a quick shot on Enzo and tags in Big Cass. Anderson gets the tag again. Anderson with right hands to Cass. Cass with a quick shoulder tackle. Cass with a shot to the ribs on Anderson in the corner. Tag to Enzo who is launched into Gallows and then Anderson with help from Cass. Cass launches Enzo over the top rope over Gallows and Anderson. Cass launches Styles over the top rope having him take out Enzo, Gallows and Anderson. Cass with a scoop slam on Anderson, tags in Enzo and slams him over Anderson. Anderson with stomps over Enzo and tags in Gallows. Gallows with a few shots on Enzo and tags in Styles. Enzo with shots to the ribs of Styles. Styles lifts and drops Enzo back in the corner. Tag to Anderson who works over Enzo in the corner with a jump up kick. Enzo with a jawbreaker on Anderson. Anderson with a backbreaker and Enzo rolls out as Styles gets the tag. Styles sends Enzo back first into the ring barricade. Back inside, Styles with rights to Enzo. Styles tags in Anderson. Enzo tosses Styles over the top rope. Enzo avoids a shot from Gallows and Anderson. Enzo jumps in for a hot tag and Anderson cuts him off with a heel kick!

Gallows has the tag and misses a splash on Enzo. Hot tag to John Cena. Styles tags in. Shoulder tackles on Styles and plants Styles with his twisting powerbomb. Five Knuckle Shuffle on Styles. Styles with a Pele Kick on Cena after countering an AA attempt. Styles with a shot to Enzo. Enzo with a DDT on Styles. Spinebuster by Anderson on Enzo. Cass with a fallaway slam on Anderson. Gallows with a sitdown powerbomb on Cass. Enzo with a cross body on Cena by accident. Cena rolls through and throws Enzo at Gallows. Styles with a springboard forearm on Gallows by accident. Cena with an AA on Styles. Anderson pulls Cena out and gives him a spinebuster over the announce table. Enzo with a flying DDT on Anderson! Cena breaks the referee count at 9 with everyone down at ringside. Cena and Styles are in the ring. Styles Clash on Cena. Cass pulls Styles out and hits a big boot. Gallows attacks Cass and throws him back in. Magic Killer on Cass. Enzo is back in. Enzo fires up the crowd. Enzo side steps Anderson who hits the corner. Gallows levels Enzo with a kick. Cena is back in and avoids a splash from Gallows. Cena crotches Styles on the top turnbuckle. Cena dumps out Gallows. Cena has Styles on his shoulders on the second rope. Styles fights it off. Cena fights back and connects with an AA on Styles from the second rope. Cena gets the pinfall.

Winners: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

We get a promo for new programming on the WWE Network.

The Highlight Reel with special guest Randy Orton

Chris Jericho heads to the ring and gets on the mic. Jericho repeatedly tells the audience to be quiet in Washington, DC. He said this is the biggest Highlight Reel in WWE history. Jericho said his guest tonight has been out for nine months and he will take on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in Brooklyn on August 21 live on the WWE Network.

Randy Orton is out next. Big reaction for Orton tonight in DC. Orton said something was missing during his time away with his family. “It was this. It was you.” He said he doesn’t even mind sharing the ring tonight with “this guy” as he looks over at Jericho. Jericho said instead of Orton insulting him, he should be thankful he gets to return on the best show and the man who is the best in the world at what he does. “You’re welcome,” adds Jericho. Orton said he is in good mood and these people got him in a good mood, but warns Jericho he might provoke him to drop his ass with a…Jericho cuts him off and says an RKO out of no where? Jericho said if Orton doesn’t watch it he might hit him with a Codebreaker out of no where. He informs Orton that a lot has changed around here since he’s been gone including the WWE Draft this past week. Jericho has a present for Orton in his quest to beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. He says he gives him the gift of Jericho. “Drink it in, maaaaan.” Orton makes a joke about Jericho’s haircut comparing it to Ellen. A loud “ELLEN” chant breaks out. Jericho tells the fans they can shut up now. He brings up the force of nature that is Brock Lesnar and introduces a video package about Lesnar. Back live, Jericho talks about Orton starting out in WWE developmental. Jericho points out Orton finding a way to avoid Lesnar and thinks Orton is scared of him. Orton said he needed to make a statement in his return to WWE and the baddest dude in the locker room happens to be Lesnar. He jokes about Jericho making his return to WWE and taking on Fandango. Jericho says Brock Lesnar is going to kick Orton’s ass at SummerSlam. “He’s going to bounce you around like a rubber ball and he’s going to take you to Suplex City, man.” Orton is aware of this and said while Suplex City is in his future, it only takes one RKO to get to Viperville adding, “no enhancement needed.” Orton drops the mic. Jericho says something tells him Orton is going to pay for that comment. He says he talked to Lesnar and Lesnar called Orton a “stupid idiot.” Jericho asks if that makes Orton mad? He jokes with Orton trying to hit an RKO out of no where. Jericho tells Orton to stay out of his business. Orton teases an RKO. Jericho smiles. Orton with an RKO out of no where on Jericho. Orton takes a bow.

A video package runs hyping Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns.

Backstage, we see a shot of the RAW and Smackdown crews watching.

RAW General Manager Mick Foley, RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon head to ringside.

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

We get ring introductions from JoJo for the challengers Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and the reigning WWE Champion Dean Ambrose.

A loud “ROMAN SUCKS” chant breaks out as the bell rings. Reigns tackles Rollins right away. Reigns goes after Rollins. Back inside, Reigns tosses Rollins back over and Ambrose with a quick roll up attempt on Reigns for a two count. Ambrose with a shot on Reigns. Rollins is back in eating an uppercut from Reigns and gets sent over the top by Ambrose. Reigns with a roll up for two on Ambrose this time. Reigns fights out of an early Dirty Deeds attempt. Reigns and Ambrose exchange shots. Ambrose attempts a cross body and runs into Reigns who doesn’t budge. Rollins is back in working over Reigns in the corner. Ambrose with a dropkick on Reigns who drops Rollins down in a samoan drop at the same time. Ambrose with kicks to Reigns in the corner. Rollins pulls Ambrose away and connects with a backbreaker over his knee. Rollins with a jumping takedown on Reigns and kicks him out of the ring. Rollins throws elbow at the head of Ambrose. Rollins with rights to Ambrose. Rollins with a splash on Ambrose in the corner. Rollins sends Ambrose face first into the turnbuckle. Reigns with his drive by kick to the face on Rollins. Reigns sends Rollins into the ring and then into the ring barricade. Ambrose jumps and takes out Reigns. Rollins with a flying knee to the face of Ambrose. Rollins sends Reigns into the timekeepers barricade at ringside. Reigns launches Rollins into the timekeepers area. Ambrose jumps off the announce tables taking out Reigns and Rollins. Back inside the ring, Ambrose with a dropkick off the top catching Reigns. Ambrose with a shot in the corner and bulldog combo on Reigns. Ambrose goes back up top and connects with a flying elbow over the head of Reigns for a two count. Rollins with a frog splash off the top on Ambrose! Reigns counters a Pedigree attempt by Rollins. Reigns with uppercuts to Rollins. Reigns with a clothesline and tilt-a-whirl slam on Rollins. Superman punch to Ambrose. Superman punch to Rollins who came flying off the top rope. Rollins and Ambrose block a spear from Reigns. Rollins with a shot on Ambrose. Ambrose with a clothesline on Reigns after Reigns caught Rollins with another Superman. Reigns with rights on Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose and Rollins start to double team Reigns. The fans start a loud “YES” chant at this. Reigns kicks Rollins and elbows Ambrose. Ambrose with a suicide dive to Reigns on the outside. Rollins flips over the top rope and takes out Reigns as well. Rollins and Ambrose are clearing off the Spanish announce table. Ambrose puts Reigns on the shoulders of Rollins. Rollins powerbombs Reigns through the announce table. Rollins grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the back of Ambrose at ringside. Rollins with a shot to the back of Reigns with the chair as well. Rollins puts Ambrose back inside. Ambrose counters a Pedigree attempt, Rollins has Ambrose up for a powerbomb and Ambrose hits a huricanrana on Rollins right into the corner! Rollins with a superplex on Ambrose from the top, rolls through and hits the Falcon Arrow for a close two count. Ambrose catapults Rollins, Rollins counters, Ambrose is up with Rollins, Reigns is back in and powerbombs Ambrose. Rollins jumps, Reigns with a boot and a sitdown powerbomb on Rollins for another close two count. Reigns is calling for the Superman. Ambrose counters. Reigns with a kick. Ambrose counters a Razor’s Edge attempt into a backslide for two. Reigns with a huge uppercut and then a Superman on Ambrose. Rollins with a Pedigree on Reigns. Rollins hooks the leg and Reigns kicks out. Rollins can’t believe it. Rollins goes for another Pedigree attempt. Rollins turnbuckle powerbombs Reigns. Reigns with a Superman and spear on Rollins. Ambrose with Dirty Deeds on Reigns, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall!

Winner and still WWE Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan celebrate. JBL screams on commentary about Smackdown being the home of the WWE Championship and RAW is without a title. We see a replay of the finish. Back live, we see a shot of Ambrose staring down at Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon at ringside. Stephanie is upset.

The Smackdown crew heads to the ring and congratulate Ambrose. The show comes to a close with Ambrose celebrating with the WWE Championship with the Smackdown roster.

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