​WWE Begins Teasing Yet Another Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto US Title Rematch On RAW Next Week


WWE.com has posted a new article, teasing yet another a United States title rematch featuring Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto on RAW next week:

WWE.com wrote: “It was fun while it lasted. In one of the biggest upset victories in Raw’s 23-year history, Kalisto captured Alberto Del Rio’s United States Championship — a title that was reclaimed by The Essence of Excellence on SmackDown. As one might expect from the devious Del Rio, that win was ill-gotten, and had it not been for the intervening King Barrett, Kalisto would be proudly carrying the prestigious title to Raw. Can the masked underdog contend with the machinations of The League of Nations and soon win back the title that was stolen from him? How are Del Rio and his associates conspiring to ensure that the star-spangled championship remains around the waist of ‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’?

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