​WWE Blocking Indy Promotions From WrestleMania 31?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It had been previously reported that WWE was looking to keep independent
companies out of the San Jose area for WrestleMania 31. According to sources,
both Highspots and WWNLive (EVOLVE/DGUSA) have been able so secure locations in
the area for their events. At this time, ROH is undecided about running events
in San Jose as they have been unable to secure a location.

WWE was trying to lock groups out of San Jose, and many facilities will not
rent to wrestling organizations. San Jose State University is reportedly not
renting to wrestling organizations, which means other groups looking to run the
area will have to run outside of the San Jose area, which may not make it
financially viable for them to try and run the events. Fans would also have to
drive at least an hour to the closet venues where the events would be taking

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