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NewsWWE CFO Reveals Facebook's Feelings About Mixed Match Challenge Performance

WWE CFO Reveals Facebook’s Feelings About Mixed Match Challenge Performance



WWE CFO George Barrios spoke at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference earlier this week. He discussed if the Mixed Match Challenge, which streamed on Facebook Live, lived up to expectations, and if they’d ever consider switching over a program such as 205 Live to Facebook as well. Here’s what he had to say:

“You’re doing something for the first time ever, so it’s hard to have any expectations around it,” said Barrios. I think that goes for Facebook [too]. If you ask them, because we did, what would make this successful for you guys because obviously that’s a real important thing for us.

“And I think they’re still determining, you know, what success is. We know what the metric is, it’s time. So, it’s how many people are you reaching, and how much time are they spending. That’s easy. That’s what we measure and are kind of super intense about measuring time and making sure we have our arms around that.

“So, having said that, we’ve took Facebook’s lead, and they seem to be really happy with how Mixed Match Challenge was, or how it performed, so in turn we are too. So we learned some things around the scheduling. We learned some things around the promotion, both within Facebook and externally, and we saw the viewership get impacted with certain things we’re trying. I think we’re in early days.”

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