WWE CFO Talks The Status Of The WWE Network


WWE CFO George Barrios recently spoke with Courant.com about the WWE Network. He talked about the three options WWE has openly discussed: a traditional TV channel, a pay channel or a network that “delivers content directly to viewers’ TV sets or computers.” He also noted that one thing that could help make the decision is whether the State of Connecticut grants WWE financial aid as part of the state’s “Next Five” program that encourages company expansion.

WWE has already spent millions of dollars expanding their TV production facility, renting off-site production space and hiring Network-related staff. WWE announced Thursday they plan to add 200 jobs, which is one of the requirements to be considered for Next Five funding, to help launch the Network. One of the other requirements is investing at least $25 million in Connecticut, which WWE has already done.

“We try to look at the right business decisions we want to make. Where do I want to do all this? To what extent can I do it? Would it be based in Stamford? Where things will go ultimately will be decided as we move forward.”

Vince McMahon had previously stated that they would have an announcement by the time the next quarterly conference call comes around, which takes place on November 1st.

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