WWE Championship Match Officially Booked For Royal Rumble, McIntyre/Goldberg


Despite Drew McIntyre’s COVID-19 diagnosis, it would seem as though (for the time being anyway) that his upcoming WWE Championship title defense against Goldberg is still on for the Royal Rumble, set to air on January 31st.

Goldberg issued the challenge to McIntyre on last week’s Monday Night RAW (RAW: Legends Night) stating that McIntyre has disrespected him and the legends of the past. In response to this, Drew sent in another video where he responded to Goldberg’s comments from RAW. He said,

“Hate to say this Bill, because I so want to like you. Respect you, admire you. But you let me down, and you let your own legacy down as well. You put words into my mouth that I didn’t even say. And you said it didn’t even matter that I didn’t say it, because I was thinking it. How would you know what I was thinking, Bill? You’ve got me all wrong. I am a firm believer in giving respect to get respect. That’s what a true WWE Champion does. You don’t know anything about being WWE Champion, do you Billy? No. It is the most prestigious title there is, and it has eluded you your entire career. That’s why you challenged me.

“Out of respect for you Bill Goldberg, I didn’t want to accept your challenge. You’re 20 years older than me. I didn’t want to accept your challenge; you challenging me? That’s like you challenging yourself in your prime. Would you want to challenge yourself in your prime? But then, my opinion changed when you put your hands on me. Seems like you’re the one that needs a lesson in respect, Bill. And if that’s what you want, you can try to get it at the Royal Rumble. Because Goldberg, I accept your challenge. And in your own words, at the Royal Rumble, you’re next.”

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