WWE Changes A Finisher Due To Safety Concerns, & More


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The claw slam that Lord Tensai uses has been modified slightly for safety precautions. The hold now comes from the standing position, giving the opponent the ability to land back-first. The original way of starting from Tensai’s knee caused the point of impact to be on the back of his opponent’s head.

The referee stoppages that they were doing in Tensai matches look to be done.

— The finishing move that Antonio Cesaro is using in WWE starts as a Gotch-style piledriver similar to the one Jerry Lynn does but then he falls forward with a face slam, similar to Triple H’s Pedigree. The move is called the Gotch Style Neutralizer.

Cesaro debuted on WWE TV last week in a backstage segment with Aksana, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis. He will make his in-ring debut this Friday on SmackDown in a “tryout match” against Tyson Kidd, arranged by Laurinaitis.

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