WWE Clash Of Champions Results: Raw Tag Team Title Match


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE Clash of Champions PPV event:

WWE RAW Tag Team Title Match: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman © vs. Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode

After an early rush of offense from Rollins and Strowman, Ziggler and Roode cut off Rollins as Roode knocked Rollins to the floor. Ziggler planted him with a DDT. Roode tossed him into the barricade before covering him. Moments later, Seth fought back and connected with a blockbuster. Ziggler cut him off with a sleeper. This led to Strowman getting the hot tag and hit a series of splashes in the corner. Strowman missed a spear and ate the ring post. Ziggler with a super kick to Strowman.

Rollins got the tag and hit a glancing knee strike then a super kick to Roode. Seth went for a super kick but Ziggler distracted Seth. Rollins with the sling blade then an outside dive to Ziggler. Seth missed a springboard dive and Roode hit a spinebuster for 2. Roode with the Glorious DDT to Seth for the win. 

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode – NEW Champion

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