WWE.com: Dolph Ziggler Not Cleared To Wrestle


WWE.com has posted an article stating that following his match at WWE Payback, Dolph Ziggler has been deemed unable to compete. The article noted that Ziggler has not been medically cleared to return to the ring at this time and that the assault by Del Rio “clearly took its toll.” Here is the WWE.com article:

After suffering a brutal assault at the hands of Alberto Del Rio during their World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWE Payback, it has been determined that Dolph Ziggler is not medically cleared to compete at this time.

Ziggler was recently out of action for a month, due to a concussion. Though it was eventually determined that he was able to compete against his aggressive No. 1 contender on Sunday, the unrelenting onslaught that Del Rio unleashed – which ultimately caused him to lose the illustrious championship gold – clearly took its toll.

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