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News​ Posts A Very Cool Article On The "Leaders Of The New...

​ Posts A Very Cool Article On The “Leaders Of The New School” – NXT Stars Speak Out

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TRENDING has posted a new
, titled ‘Leaders of the New School’. The article
features NXT stars Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Adrian Neville, Fergal Devitt and
Kevin Steen and you can check it out at the link provided. Here are some

Sami Zayn: “It’s just crazy to think where we all were a
few years ago and where we are now. The other guys I tagged are guys we all
crossed paths with for years all over the world on various small, independent
shows. We thought we were doing something special at the time, but you don’t
know if it’s going to pay off. Now that we’re all here under the WWE umbrella,
it kind of validates all that. When we were young, we all looked up to the
Jerichos and the Guerreros and the Malenkos and all these world-traveled guys
who started where they were from and then made a name in Europe, then went to
Mexico, then went to Japan, then went to ECW, then WCW and then they ended their
careers here in WWE. Those are the guys that I looked at like, “That’s what I
want to be.” Now, we’re that generation — we’re the Guerreros, we’re the
Malenkos. It’s not a coincidence at all.

Kevin Steen: “I actually had a bit of a different
mentality. I remember talking with Zayn about WWE, it must have been 2003, and I
told him it wasn’t a dream for me — it was the goal. I appreciate all the
chances I got to wrestle all over the world and I’m really proud to have
wrestled in Japan and Australia and Italy. But it was never a necessity for me,
because in my head, I thought, “When I get to WWE, I’ll travel with them and see
all those places.” It was never something I felt I needed to do, but now that
I’ve lived through those experiences, I realize how important it was in getting

Fergal Devitt: “I’d been doing it for about six or seven
years when I ended up in New Japan. I was really just a boy and I became a man
in New Japan in eight years. It came to a point where I could stay the rest of
my career there and have the security of a job or I could step into the great
unknown that is WWE and challenge myself. And that’s what I decided to do.”

Adrian Neville: “Honestly, it’s a huge risk, because we’ve
got these reputations outside here and I know a lot of us made very comfortable
livings outside here. To give up all that on what is essentially a flip of a
coin, because a lot of decisions aren’t really in our hands as far as this place
is concerned. One thing I liked about coming up is the ball was very much in our
hands. Our success was based on what we did. That is the case to a certain
degree here, but at the same time …”

Hideo Itami: “Everything changed [by joining WWE]. [I left
Japan because] I wanted more. I wanted to be famous. I wanted to prove to
myself. When I started, I didn’t think about WWE, but my dream became bigger and
bigger.” When asked by Kevin Steen if he plans to reclaim the “Go To Sleep”
finisher he popularized (which was later adopted by CM Punk), he said, “I hope!

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