WWE Continues European Tour Tonight – Details


WWE continues their annual post WrestleMania European tour tonight in Belfast and Glasgow. CM Punk was originally advertised to be part of a John Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk match, but with Punk off of the tour; it is just Ryback vs. Cena. Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Big E. Langston are also scheduled for the show. The Smackdown tour kicks off Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland…

Friday, Apr. 19: Raw in Dublin, Ireland

Friday, Apr. 19: SD in Newcastle, England

Saturday, Apr. 20: Raw in Paris, France

Saturday, Apr. 20: SD in Birmingham, England

Sunday, Apr. 21: Raw in Geneva, Switzerland

Sunday, Apr. 21: SD in Sheffield, England

Monday, Apr. 22: Raw TV in London, England

Monday, Apr. 22: SD in Cardiff, Wales

Tuesday, Apr. 23: SD TV in London, England

Tuesday, Apr. 23: Raw in Nottingham, England

Wednesday, Apr. 24: Raw in Liege, Belgium

Wednesday, Apr. 24: SD in Amneville, France

Thursday, Apr. 25: Raw in St. Petersburg, Russia

Thursday, Apr. 25: SD in Bologna, Italy

Friday, Apr. 26: Raw in Moscow, Russia

Friday, Apr. 26: SD in Trieste, Italy

Saturday, Apr. 27: Raw in Lodz, Poland

Saturday, Apr. 27: SD in Mannheim, Germany

Sunday, Apr. 28: SD in Cologne, Germany

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