Bruce Prichard

News and Notes Regarding Bruce Prichard and Other WWE Creative Hires


In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provides some insight on recent WWE creative hirings including Bruce Prichard, Jeff Jarrett, and Dana Warrior.

It is noted that Bruce isn’t necessarily the highest-ranked person in creative but he will have some influence. The term being used is “roving consultant,” although it is not clear if that is his official job title. It is believed that even though he’s involved in the creative process, he will have a lot less influence then Triple H, Road Dogg, and many others.

In regards to Jeff Jarrett, it is said he is handling himself very well and will likely end up having more influence at some point in the near future.

Dana Warrior is said to have been looking for a regular job with WWE and specifically with creative, so she is being used as a consultant with the potential to move into a full time writing position.

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UPDATE: In regards to Bruce Prichard, there is a new report from PWInsider that suggests that he is not just a consultant. He is a full-time employee and even has a Senior Vice President in regards to creative title.

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