WWE Discussed Adding A Fifth Member To The Undisputed Era


Adam Cole recently recalled WWE considering adding more members to the Undisputed Era in NXT.

The group was made up of Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish initially before 2018 when Roderick Strong joined the group.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Cole noted that WWE at one point wanted to add one or two more people to the stable, but the rest of the group didn’t want that. However, they made an exception for Strong because of their friendship with him.

“So originally, The Undisputed Era was just supposed to be me, Bobby, and Kyle O’Reilly, that was it, supposed to be the three of us. And they were like, nope, it’s not going to be like a group that expands and we add more and more and more. And I remember, they came to us with the idea of adding Roderick Strong.

“The three of us were kind off to ourselves, and we were sitting there and we’re like I know we said we don’t want anyone else in the group, but Roderick Strong would be perfect because we’re all buddies with him.

“It really felt like that’s when the group truly started with the four of us but going off of like different ideas that ended up not happening.

“I know it was discussed at one point that I can’t even specifically think of the name, but adding one or two more people to the group at one point, that was discussed.”

“I know that the four of us were kind of like, eh, we felt like Roderick was like the exception to the rule. And of course, all four of us are good in the sense of if they were like, no, we really want to do this, we’re gonna go okay.

“Yes, sir. Yeah, whatever you want. But when they were asking us our opinion, it was no, I feel like just this, this four-man group is the way to go. So yeah, there was discussions about maybe adding different members to The Undisputed Era at one point that all of us weren’t crazy about, and it ended up not happening.”

In AEW, Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish team together as the Undisputed Elite while Strong is still in WWE.

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