WWE Diva Nikki Bella Discusses Her Recent WWE Divas Title Win, Her Goals, & More


he following are highlights of a new E! Online interview with WWE Divas
Champion Nikki Bella:

On the backstage reaction to her recent WWE Divas Championship
“I think everyone’s in shock. They were waiting outside
when I came out and gave me hugs and kisses, and Nattie wrote me a nice, super
long text. They’ve all been waiting for a change and they’ve seen how hard I’ve
been working and I think they are very happy for me; they felt it was very

On her new goals: “I definitely want to accomplish
so much more. This Divas Championship I hold so close to my heart and I love the
Divas division and WWE, and we’ve seen what the power of Total Divas does for
our Divas, I want to make this title so much, I want to make every Diva mean
something, I want to have a long title run; I know AJ had an insanely long title
run and i want to beat it. My first goal is to hold onto this for as long as I
can; I want to be challenged every week ; I want to know that my title is on the
line and I have to fight to keep it. Those are definitely my new goals with this
and just to be the best Nikki Bella that I can be.”

Check out the complete interview at a EOnline.com

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