WWE Documentaries Nominated for Awards


Not one, but three WWE documentaries have been nominated for the upcoming New York Festivals TV & Film Awards.

The three films nominated for the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards are as follows:

  • The “Second Mountain” – This documentary on Edge has found itself nominated for the “Documentary: Biography/Profiles” award.
  • WWE Chronicle – Jey Uso – This edition in the WWE Chronicles series has been nominated for the “Craft: Films/Productions: Cinematography:” award.
  • WWE Untold – Goldberg – The final of the three documentaries is up for the running in the “Streaming: Streaming Documentary” award.

The winners of the awards are set to be announced on Tuesday, October 12th 2021. Who knows, they could serve to improve WWE’s stock market position even further after their most recent boom.

All three have been heralded in their quality, a great sign after the worryingly average product WWE has put on on its main shows of late. The network has also reached an even greater audience since WWE’s partnership with Peacock, one that has only continued to grow after the group continued to add more documentaries to their portfolio of late.

Regardless of how any potential award increases WWE’s social standing, the acknowledgement of this content in the wider sphere is truly a testament to the quality of the WWE Network. Whilst the flagship show Monday Night Raw may have struggled to produce quality of late, it is comforting to know the network will.

Will you continue to pay for the network after their recent documentary successes? And do you think WWE will be able to win at least one of the awards? With the high-quality documentaries on the Network, do you believe it is still worth its price point?

Let us know how you feel about the network in the comments, or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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