More On WWE & ESPN Reportedly Ending Their Relationship & The Possible Reason Behind It


UPDATE: We reported over the weekend here on that former WWE announcer and current ESPN broadcaster Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman will be ending his coverage of WWE. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer called out “The Coach” and ESPN via Twitter for not reporting on the situation with Mauro Ranallo missing SmackDown Live!. The reason for Ranallo’s absence reportedly has to do with tensions between JBL and Mauro which lead to Ranallo disappearing from WWE TV last month. Meltzer claimed that ESPN has “castration tendencies” over the issue.

Although not confirmed, several people are suggesting that Coachman is stepping down from his gig of covering WWE for ESPN due to the recent controversy regarding JBL and his reports of bullying and harassing many workers in WWE over the years, including Mauro Ranallo, Justin Roberts, and others. Coachman has also been receiving tweets for not covering the story. Meltzer wrote, “ESPN gets chance after chance to show balls but this will be another time they’re showing castration tendencies.” Coachman defended himself and ESPN, claiming that ESPN doesn’t report on rumors for any sport or company. That seems highly inaccurate as you can go to ESPN right now and find an NBA Rumor Central report that was published on April 7. You can read their Twitter exchange below.

ORIGINAL: In a series of tweets, Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman revealed that he will no longer be covering WWE for ESPN. He later deleted the tweet, but when a fan asked if he was really done covering WWE he confirmed it. It’s currently unknown if ESPN will continue covering WWE with “The Coach” no longer covering it. It should be noted that another ESPN anchor, Robert Flores, is a huge fan of WWE so he could always take on the role if ESPN has plans to continue covering the promotion.

CORRECTION: Robert Flores announced on February 4th, 2016 that he was leaving ESPN after ten years. Flores now works for the MLB and NHL Networks as a studio host for each. My apologies for the error.

Anyways, you can check on Coachman’s tweets below:

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