WWE Extreme Rules Results: Damian Priest vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy


The following is our play-by-play coverage of this match from the WWE Extreme Rules PPV event:

WWE United States Champion Damian Priest vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy – Triple Threat Match

They started brawling. Sheamus tossed Priest and Hardy into the barricade. Hardy with a dive off the apron. Priest took them both out with a dive over the top rope. Sheamus sent Priest head first into the ring post. Priest with a series of chops to Sheamus and then Hardy hit a drop kick to Sheamus off the top rope.

Hardy went for a splash, but Sheamus put up the knees for a near fall. Hardy with a neck breaker then Priest broke up a pin attempt. Hardy with a double whisper in the wind for 2. Sheamus with a big boot to Hardy then an Alabama slam for 2. Sheamus with the Texas cloverleaf on Hardy yet Priest went after the nose of Sheamus. Hardy with Twist of Fate to Sheamus. Priest went for his finisher, but Hardy reversed it.

They botched a move and Hardy with Twist of Fate. Sheamus knocked Hardy off the top rope. Sheamus mocked Hardy and hit a knee to Priest. Priest with a chokeslam off the top rope but Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb to both stars. Sheamus with a big boot to Priest and Hardy went for the pin, but got a near fall. Sheamus with a big boot to Hardy and Priest rolled up Sheamus for the win. 

Winner: Damian Priest

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