WWE Extreme Rules Results: The Usos vs. The Street Profits


The following is our play-by-play coverage of this match from the WWE Extreme Rules PPV event:

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Street Profits

The Street Profits took control early and landed a series of moves to the champions. Back in the ring, Ford landed a series of strikes to Jey before Jimmy kicked him in the back. The Usos took over and targeted the ribs of Ford, who had tape around them. After minutes of selling, Ford got the hot tag to Dawkins, who cleared the ring of The Usos. Jimmy sent him to the floor and went for a dive, but Dawkins hit a powerslam.

Dawkins tossed Jey into the barricade. Dawkins with a powerslam off the top rope then a twisting neck breaker for 2. Ford with a blockbuster off the top rope for 2. Ford with a head kick then went for a splash off the top rope, but Jey put the knees up. Ford rolled him up for 2. Jimmy with a splash to Dawkins for a near fall. The Usos were sent to the floor, but Dawkins was sent into the barricade right after. Ford with an outside dive to take out the champions. Ford with a splash off the top rope to Jey for a near fall as Jimmy broke it up. The Usos with a double kick to Dawkins then to Ford before hitting a double splash to Ford to retain. 

Winner: The Usos

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