WWE Fans To Have A Say In Character Development?, Y2J/RAW


— WWE Senior VP of Digital Operations Jason Hoch says that WWE’s audience will have a say in character and storyline development.

Hoch told ESPN.com in an interview that the RawActive social media initiative that starts Monday on RAW will allow the audience to “get a say in what happens next by deciding matches, stipulations, and character development. They can control if a general manager gets fired or who their favorite Superstar’s next opponent will be.”

— Chris Jericho said that he thinks he’s being overlooked for this coming Monday’s 1,000th Raw. Jericho posted a message on Tout saying that he will be ” the one they’re going to be talking about when it’s through.” You can see the video, which was filmed on the set of Fozzy’s latest music video, at this link.

— Here is Mark Henry appearing on The Tim Brando Show on CBS Sports. Henry updated Brando on his WWE status and talked about the upcoming Olympics; he said that he will be traveling to Europe for WWE promotional events, specifically Ireland for a THQ event promoting WWE’s video games and he will be London for the the Olympics.

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