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NewsWWE Fastlane Results: Matt Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali

WWE Fastlane Results: Matt Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali



The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE Fastlane PPV event:

WWE United States Champion Matt Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali

They did some mat wrestling early. Riddle went for a back splash, but Ali caught him with a kick. Ali then sent him shoulder first into the ring post and hit a drop kick from the apron. Ali worked him over for a few minutes. Ali continued to attack the ribs of Riddle. Moments later, Riddle fought back and hit a head kick.

Riddle with a series of strikes then a powerbomb for 2. Riddle went to the top rope for a dive, but Ali put up his knees. Riddle blocked a roll up and connected with a brainbuster for a near fall. Ali locked in a neck submission, but Riddle powered out of it. Riddle hit a powerslam off the top rope for the win. 

Winner: Matt Riddle

Post-match, T-Bar and MACE beat down Mustafa Ali.

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