WWE Files Motion To Dismiss TNA Lawsuit – Details


WWE has filed a motion to dismiss TNA’s lawsuit against them. The motion was filed on June 28th and argues the following:

*TNA’s lawsuit didn’t feature legitimate proof that WWE tried to lure contracted TNA talents, including Ric Flair, to come work for them.

*That Flair, described as a signed TNA talent in the suit, had been fired by TNA before the suit was filed.

* That TNA’s claim that WWE misappropriated their trade secrets falls under the purview of Tennessee’s Uniform Trade Acts Secret (TUTSA), and that TNA “failed to state claims upon which relief must be granted.” They claim that TNA’s only allegation of unfair competition is that WWE received the material from Brian Wittenstein, which would not qualify to go further as a lawsuit under TUTSA. Those requirements also shoot down TNA’s claim of conspiracy.

* That TNA’s claim of conversion under TUTSA would require that any stolen physical property is valued by the trade secrets it contains and that the spreadsheets and files Brian Wittenstein took has no actual property value.

* That TUTSA also prevents TNA’s claim of torturous interference in regard to WWE allegedly going after Ric Flair, since TNA would need to prove 1) an existing business relationship between Flair and TNA, 2) that WWE moved forward despite that knowledge and 3) that they intended to get Flair to breach his deal.

The motion states in regard to the dismissal, “it is not only appropriate as a matter of law but will simplify matters for discovery and trial.”

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