WWE Financials: 2013 Third Quarter Results


WWE announced their 2013 third quarter earnings, which ended on September 30th, 2013. Revenues increased $9.1 million or 9%, to $113.3 million from $104.2 million in the prior year quarter driven by a significant increase in rights fees from the licensing of television content. Their operating income was decreased 36% to $3.2 million as compared to $5.0 million in the prior year quarter as revenue growth was more than offset by increased movie losses due to a $7.0 million impairment charge primarily associated with the Company’s 2010-2012 film release slate, and reduced profits from PPV, video game and home entertainment (DVD) business. Vince McMahon had the following to say about the earnings report…

“During the third quarter, our achievements were highlighted by the production and monetization of new content, including the original series, Total Divas, the expansion of pay-per-view distribution on the Sony PlayStation 3 platform, and the formation of new partnerships with blue-chip sponsors such as General Mills and Kraft. These accomplishments reflect the strength of our brands, including a national television audience that exceeds the annual reach of most other sports and entertainment programs. This strength provides a solid foundation for the renegotiation of our TV contracts and the potential launch of a WWE network. Based on our ability to create powerful, entertaining content and to expand distribution, we strongly believe that we are poised to transform our business.”

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