​WWE Financials: Live Events Basically Flat


In today’s first quarter 2014 financials report, the WWE announced
that Live Event revenues increased 3% to $21.7 million from $21.0 million in the
prior year quarter. This was primarily due to an increase in the average
effective price across North America. The three additional events in North
America essentially offset the three fewer events in international markets. Here
is a break down of the live events numbers…

* There were 80 total events in the current quarter that were held
in North America as compared to 80 total events in the prior year quarter, which
included 77 events in North America and 3 events in international markets.

* North American events generated revenues of $21.7 million as
compared to $20.0 million in the prior year quarter. The $1.7 million increase
was driven by a 6% rise in average ticket prices to $41.82 that was
attributable, in part, to changes in venue mix and, to a lesser extent, the
introduction of VIP ticket packages, which were initiated in the second quarter
of 2013. Average attendance of 6,400 fans at North American events was
essentially unchanged from the prior year quarter.

* International live event revenues declined $1.0 million
reflecting three fewer international events.

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