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    WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results January 13, 2023


    Welcome to ewrestlingnews.com and the live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. SmackDown is coming at you live from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tonight we see the WWE InterContinental Champion Gunther defend against Braun Strowman. Kevin Owens will go one on one with Sami Zayn on the road to his Royal Rumble match with undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Be sure to refresh the page for ongoing results. Also, join our comment section below to engage with our community.

    We begin the action just as soon as SmackDown opens. Braun Strowman is entering the ring.

    WWE InterContinental Championship: Gunther(c) defeats Braun Strowman

    During the introductions the Green Bay crowd shows their appreciation for the challenger, Braun Strowman. Gunther, the champion, is booed loudly. Braun attacks at the sound of the bell but Gunther is apprehensive and strays from the ring. Gunther attempts a wrist lock but Braun Strowman whips him over the top rope. Braun runs a full circle around the ring and hits the champion with a shoulder block. We go to commercial break.

    As we return from commercial Braun Strowman has Gunther slung over his shoulder. The champion makes his way off and sends Strowman into the steel ring post. Gunther throws Braun back into the ring and grounds him with an arm lock. Strowman remains grounded as Gunther goes to work on his arm and shoulder. The crowd attempts to rally Braun back to his feet but Gunther remains consistent with his shoulder and elbow locks. A clothesline finally sends Gunther down and leads to a high back body drop from Braun. Imperium distract Strowman but he manages to hit a body slam. He covers but it is only good for a two count. We go to another commercial break.

    Returning from commercial Braun Strowman is in a head scissors maneuver by Gunther. He powers up to his feet and drops the champion down to the canvas. Both men make it to their feet and begin to exchange big chops with one another. A high impact spinebuster by Braun gets a close two count on Gunther. Gunther keeps Strowman on the defensive as he hits a drop kick followed by a clothesline. He covers the challenger but it is only good for two. The champion takes to the top rope but Strowman meets him there and they exchange chops while high up in the corner. Gunther hits a powerbomb on Strowman and rolls him up. Gunther gets the pinfall and retains. Still the WWE InterContinental Champion.

    We are given a video package relaying the events of the last few weeks between The Bloodline and Kevin Owens. All of this in preparation of the match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens tonight.

    Sami Zayn approaches The Bloodline’s locker room and is met at the door by Paul Heyman. Paul tells Sami that The Bloodline is not present in Green Bay. He says that Roman Reigns wants Sami to handle Kevin Owens on his own tonight. Sami tells Paul Heyman to assure Roman that he will solve the “KO” problem.

    Rey Mysterio’s music plays and he comes down the aisle to a large ovation from the crowd. Rey takes the microphone. He says that the holidays were usually a great time for him and his family. He admits that due to his son Dominick’s actions he did not have a Merry Christmas. Rey says that he came to SmackDown to make a change. He says that the only way to do that is to enter the Royal Rumble match. Karrion Kross’ music interrupts and he and Scarlet come to the ring. Karrion says he has been sitting in the back listening to Rey talk about goals. He revisits the fact that Rey won the Royal Rumble seventeen years ago. Karrion says it must have been a special moment for Rey. He claims that it could have been a special moment for Dominick if Rey had been around for his son. Rey strikes Karrion and he attempts a 619 but is distracted by Scarlet. Kross locks in a sleeper and chokes out Rey Mysterio. Scarlet and Karrion leave him in the ring and leave. 

    Backstage Raquel Rodriguez and other female talent tell Liv Morgan that she shouldn’t enter the Royal Rumble at number one. Liv smacks Rodriguez prompting her to challenge Morgan for a match tonight.

    Tegan Nox defeats Xia Li

    Xia Li attempts to lock up Tegan Nox’s wrist but she hammers back with forearm strikes. Xia grounds Tegan after an attempt from the top rope. Nox fights to her feet from a front face lock and whips Xia Li over her shoulder. Xia fights back with aggressive strikes in the corner. Nox kicks out after a body slam. She hits a kick and scores the pinfall victory over Xia Li.

    Following their loss last week Drew McIntyre and Sheamus were assaulted by the Viking Raiders. We see a promo video of the Viking Raiders following the WWE Digital Exclusive. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are riled up in the back with Adam Pearce who informs them that next week there will begin a tag team tournament with the winners getting a shot at the Tag Team Champions. Drew McIntrye and Sheamus will be one of the teams in the tournament.

    Bray Wyatt’s theme music plays and the arena goes dark. Bray comes down the aisle. We are shown the events that took place two weeks ago when Uncle Howdy attacked Wyatt. Bray takes a seat in a rocking chair in the middle of the ring. He greets the crowd in Green Bay and says that its so weird when you forget who you are. Bray says he is the eater of worlds. He is the red in a world of black and white. He says he knows who he is now and that his match at the Royal Rumble will be his rebirth. Bray tells LA Knight that when the lights go out, he should run.

    Kevin Owens is backstage, about to be interviewed about his coming match when Sami Zayn interrupts and asks him if he feels good about what has happened. Owens tells Zayn that Roman Reigns is using him. Sami gets irritated and tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sami Zayn says he is proud of where he is. He tells Owens he will see him in the ring. 

    Raquel Rodriguez defeats Liv Morgan

    Raquel Rodriguez starts off strong with a hard clothesline to Liv Morgan, followed by a big boot, sending Morgan to the outside of the ring. Liv is tossed around the ring and she grows frustrated, bashing her own face into the turnbuckle. She battles back and clotheslines Raquel over the top rope. Morgan takes advantage and sends Rodriguez into the steel ring post and then the steel steps. Liv Morgan reenters the ring with Rodriguez still on the outside. She goes back to the outside and grabs a table from underneath the ring. Liv sets up Raquel on the table but she takes too much time and Rodriguez makes it back into the ring. She hits the Tijana Bomb and scores the pinfall.

    Sonya DeVille is back stage demanding a rematch with Charlotte Flair from Adam Pearce. Pearce says he will not give the match to Sonya. She gets frustrated and says she will enter the Royal Rumble to earn her shot.

    Returning from commercial we see Sonya DeVille and Charlotte Flair brawling in the backstage area.

    Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens

    Kevin Owens extends his hand to Sami Zayn but he shoves him away. They lock up and Kevin Owens gets a side headlock. A clothesline sends Sami Zayn over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Sami hits a barrel roll off of the top rope onto Kevin Owens. Owens battles back with punches to the side of Sami’s head. Zayn hits a suplex on Owens on the ring apron. We go to commercial break.

    Returning from commercial break Kevin Owens is down in the corner as Sami Zayn puts the boots to him. Sami attempts a few quick pinfalls but is unsuccessful. He continues to kick Kevin Owens in the face. Zayn sets Owens up on the turnbuckle but he battles out. Zayn drops to the canvas and Owens hits a splash. He covers for the pin but its only good for two. Kevin Owens now takes the time to kick Sami in the face. Sami battles back and hits a spinning powerbomb for another close two count. Owens bounces up from a German Suplex delivered by Sami but then eats a clothesline bringing both men down to the mat. We go to another commercial break.

    Coming back from commercial Kevin Owens is atop the ropes and he goes for another splash but Sami Zayn has his knees up to block. Kevin Owens hits an inverted Fishermen’s Suplex from the top rope for another close pinfall. Kevin Owens rolls through one German Suplex but Sami hits another. The Bloodline storms the ring and the referee calls for the bell. The Bloodline take to assaulting Kevin Owens on the outside of the ring. Sami is let down by the appearance of The Bloodline saying that the Tribal Chief sent him to take care of business. Solo Sikoa splashes on top of Owens as he is laid out on the announcer’s table. The Bloodline and Sami Zayn stand over Kevin Owens.

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