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— Earlier today on the KSS-FM radio station in New York, Randy Orton spoke on his match next weekend for WrestleMania against Kane. When asked about not being in the main event, Orton argued that his match with Kane is arguably bigger than the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

— With less than two weeks until WrestleMania 28, we are going to become insanely busy during the next few weeks. We realize a lot of you only visit the site on Monday and Tuesday for backstage RAW/SD news but you’ll want to check back in often as we head towards and beyond ‘Mania. There will likely be 35+ posts per day so if you want to keep up with all the backstage news, you’ll need to check back in numerous times on a daily basis. That includes the weekend, etc. Thanks for your continued support of the website. You guys are the best and we couldn’t do this without you!

CBS Sports is featuring an article on CM Punk’s appearance during the intermission of Wednesday night’s Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks hockey game, where he shot the puck from center ice.

— WWE will be releasing a new CD on March 26th. The CD, titled WWE: Hall of Fame, will feature entrance music of WWE Hall of Famers including, Edge, The Four Horsemen, Yokozuna, DX and more. The album is also currently available for pre-order. Here is the track listing.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2012 – The Music – Track Listing

01 – Edge (Edge) – Jim Johnston

02 – On The Edge (Edge) – Jim Johnston

03 – Blood Brother (Christian) – Jim Johnston

04 – Just Close Your Eyes (Christian) [feat. Bedlam’s Gate] – Previously Unreleased – Jim Johnston & Bedlam’s Gate

05 – Fist (DX with Mike Tyson) [feat. Prince Michael] – Jim Johnston & Prince Michael

06 – Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) – Jim Johnston

07 – Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) [feat. Age Against The Machine] – Previously Unreleased – Jim Johnston & Age Against the Machine

08 – Horse (Four Horsemen) – Jim Johnston

09 – Common Man Boogie (Dusty Rhodes) – Jim Johnston

10 – Damn (Ron Simmons) – Jim Johnston

11 – Nation of Domination (Faarooq) – Jim Johnston

12 – Longhorn (JBL) – Jim Johnston

13 – Sumo (Yokozuna) – Jim Johnston

14 – So Close Now (The Usos) [feat. David Dallas] – Jim Johnston & David Dallas

15 – Bad Man (Rikishi) – Jim Johnston

16 – Realeza (Alberto Del Rio) [feat. Mariachi Real De Mexico] – Jim Johnston & Mariachi Real De Mexico

— In case you missed it earlier, John Cena reveals why he is so passionate about being a part of WWE in this “Once in a Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena” preview video.

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