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NewsWWE Hall Of Famer Dealing With Financial Issues, About To 'Lose Everything'

WWE Hall Of Famer Dealing With Financial Issues, About To ‘Lose Everything’



Abdullah the Butcher is currently dealing with financial issues due to people having taken advantage of his illiteracy.

Click On Detroit recently published an article on Abdullah, who was revealed to have been crippled by financial difficulties so much so that the WWE Hall of Famer even had to sell his Hall of Fame ring to make ends meet.

Abdullah stated that his finances are running thin at this point and blamed his illiteracy for his current financial woes. The retired Canadian wrestler revealed not having any knowledge about being sued back in 2014 by ‘Hannibal’ Devon Nicholson over Nicholson’s claims that he contracted hepatitis C from The Butcher. Abdullah said,

“Well, at 82 years old, I sit in my room a lot of times and I say that I’ve worked for nothing. All of what I had worked for in the wrestling business by acting crazy, beating my head against the wall, doing this, doing that — I might not have nothing pretty soon… You got a lot of people who try to take what you worked all your life for. In my opinion, I’ve been ripped off so bad it’s unbelievable, and (I’m) still getting ripped off.”

Abdullah’s assistant Malikah Marshall has helped the Hall of Famer whenever he needed to read or write and recalled Abdullah discovering that he had lost the lawsuit, noting,

“His sister called from Canada and said ‘Abdullah, do you realize you lost some lawsuit in Canada?’ And he said ‘What lawsuit?’… He doesn’t understand how to follow directions. He doesn’t even know how to go to an ATM machine. This is an 82-year-old man. He’s about to lose everything.”

Abdullah further stated that all of the profits from the remaining Abdullah the Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food are going elsewhere.

A GoFundMe has been launched for Abdullah and the campaign has raised $7,516 of a $60,000 goal thus far.

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