WWE Hall Of Famer Draws A Larger Than Expected Audience At Recent Speaking Engagement


According to The Hazard Herald,
Mick Foley’s recent speaking engagement at the small town’s Perry County Public
Library drew a crowd so big that he did three speaking sessions in order to make
sure that everyone got to hear him. The site notes that the event, at which
Foley planned to give a single inspirational speech and do a signing session,
drew over 500 people. The entire town only has a population of about 5,500

Foley said that the heavy crowd raised his spirits after being worn out from
the lengthy tour, saying, “Seeing hundreds of people lined up in the hot sun in
front of a library will change your mind in a hurry. So, I’ll do the best I can
to make sure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and maybe a little
bit of inspiration.”

According to Youth Services Librarian Jennifer Young, the library reached out
to Foley for the appearance not thinking that he would accept. She said, “We got
online and we just kind of stalked him out and he agreed to come and he’s wrote
so many great books. His life is an inspiration, and that was why we got him to
come. We’re still not real sure how we got him here. We just did.”

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