WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Blogs On Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast, Stephanie McMahon


WWE Hall of Famer
Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here is what he had to say…

I enjoyed the vast
majority of Monday Night RAW from Miami. No three hour RAW is ever going to be
perfect or satisfy the masses but this show had enough ‘moments’ to make it a
solid broadcast.

Stephanie McMahon arguably stole the show with her
interaction with Brie Bella and subsequently Steph getting ‘arrested.’ Her
facials were priceless as was her timing and her natural ability to be a heel.
The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Steph wrestling at Summer Slam is a
gimme as it should be.

Enjoyed Paige’s heel turn on AJ Lee but it was a
week late as Sunday’s Divas Title bout had no identity. Nonetheless, I like the

Bo Dallas has the chance to be a disingenuous, sappy heel who
has no issue in retreating or forcing his overbearing personality on all that
will listen. It likely won’t be this year, or perhaps better said, it shouldn’t
have to be this year but 2015 could be a banner year for Blackjack Mulligan’s

It’s somewhat insane for some fans to think that Bray Wyatt
losing at Battle Ground to Chris Jericho was disastrous to Bray’s career which
is actually laughable. Working with Jericho, who arguably should be the heel in
this marriage, will do nothing but help Wyatt improve and Bray will undoubtedly
win the blow off down the road.

The IC Title is ice cold and the way the
championship is being booked is a head scratcher. The IC and US title holders
the past year have likely had some of the worse won-loss records on the
broadcasts of any talents on the roster. That’s no way to build a title. Why
there is no long term, thought out program for both the IC and the US Champions
is an unacceptable mystery.

It makes perfect sense for Brock Lesnar to
challenge John Cena for the WWE Title at Summer Slam and for Lesnar, as I’ve
outlined on the Ross Report podcast the past couple of months, to win the title
and then lose it to Roman Reigns at WM31. I love Lesnar as champion and his
infrequent, in person schedule of making Monday Night Raw shows doesn’t bother
me at all especially if the creative team has their thinking caps on and the
booking is territory-like as in where the world champion was never on regular,
weekly TV.

Many fans just want to bitch because of Lesnar’s contract
which is actually none of any of our business.

Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle
promo to close RAW was one of the best that I have heard in years. Even though I
am WAY out of the WWE loop, I am still proud that I was able to help Paul early
in his career and hope that his DVD that’s released soon will be a huge hit.
Listen to Heyman’s promo again and see how he covered every base and will have
the Summer Slam crowd in LA loudly cheering for the ‘Angry Viking’ vs. ‘ The Dr.
of Thugonomics’ as Paul described Cena. In other worlds, the main event at
S’Slam will be loaded with emotion especially if Cena takes it dead serious in
his promos between now and then.

HHH’s choice to stay at RAW for the big
reveal of Cena’s Summer Slam opponent will obviously have consequences as it
relates to his wife Stephanie going to jail.

Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler
both winning on the same night on RAW is miraculous. Ryder should be a heel and
Ziggler should be in the upper tier of fan favorites in WWE. Two, no

Flo Rida at the top of the hour…..why?

Rusev vs.
Khali=Bowling Shoe Ugly.

Wasn’t wild about the finish of Cesaro vs.
Ambrose but the match was a good one. Ambrose’s ‘Loose Cannon’ persona made need
to be reeled in a touch but not much. He’s an enigma as he’s unlike anyone on
the roster. Cesaro’s been due for months. If Cesaro executed better promos, he
likely would already be in the main event mix.

Enjoyed Xavier Woods, Big
E, and Kofi Kingston seemingly attempting to form a faction. Lots of Nation of
Domination references on Twitter @JRsBBQ on this one but that doesn’t bother me.
All three talents, and who knows if they don’t add another member, have
potential and perhaps this will get them quality TV time and get all involved in
the game. It’s main event or bust for all three who should look at this as
crunch time as it relates to getting to the next level.

Not a fan of the
overbooked handicap matches and that includes what I saw last night with Reigns
vs. Orton & Kane. Nothing wrong with the talent’s efforts but the handicap
thing is SO tired.

Brock Lesnar is the ONLY recruit that we ever brought
to a TV taping that Vince McMahon went out of his way to want to meet. McMahon
saw that night in Minneapolis what Jerry Brisco and I already knew….that we
had a potential big time player on the line and we had to do what we could to
reel him in and close the deal. Thank goodness for all involved, we were

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