WWE Hall Of Famer Kane Explains Why He Turned Down WCW


WWE Hall of Famer Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs has said he had no interest in signing with WCW despite the promotion making plays.

Jacobs debuted on WWF TV as Isaac Yankem DDS in 1995 shortly before the Monday Night Wars would begin.

Speaking with “Honest Offense with Eric Cervone,” Jacobs said that he considered the “WWF” the major leagues and had no interest in jumping ship:

“At that point, I was already in WWE, I already had my opportunity … Yeah, there were people making a lot of money in WCW, but I felt that the future was with WWE. And by that time, I also had a personal relationship with them and never felt like leaving.”

Jacobs was repackaged in 1996 as the fake Diesel, following Kevin Nash’s departure to WCW, and in 1997 would receive his most iconic character, Kane.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 as a multi-time World Champion among other accolades.

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