WWE Hall Of Famer ​Mick Foley Taking A Break From Twitter After Fan Posts Direct Messages Online


Mick Foley is taking a week-plus break from Twitter after a fan posted direct messages between the two online. Foley made the announcement today, noting that he will no longer be able to direct message with fans because of it and saying he’s staying away from the social media site until October 24th:

The messages,, are between Foley and user @drinkbleachT. Foley questioned the fan about claiming that now was a good time to push Summer Rae, saying in DM, “So we are two weeks away from what might be the biggest match in women’s wrestling history…and this strikes you as a good time to push Summer?” The user then said that she did because “We are getting the same matches shoved down our throats each week” and that only two out of the nine women on Raw’s roster were being used properly, while arguing that “Smackdown has their women’s division covered.”

Foley replied asking her to be more respectful in her tone and saying, “Our women just main evented Raw and are two weeks away from the biggest match in women’s history. This IS a revolution. That’s real progress. That’s far more impressive than you saying Smackdown has it covered.” The back and forth continued a bit, with Foley saying that the Diva’s Revolution “stalled out because there were no personal issues. So now we do have a great personal issue, we are hoping it will open the doors for other women.”

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