WWE Has Plans To Expand More Into Gaming – New Technology


WWE has big plans to expand more into the world of gaming according to comments from Senior Vice President Scott Zanghellini.

WWE already produces games as part of their WWE 2K series, with the latest installment, WWE 2K22 releasing in March this year.


Speaking to The Wrap, Zanghellini teased introducing more gaming projects with new technology.

“75% of our fans self-identify as gamers. I think it’s about 60% play seven hours of video games a week or more, so massive, massive audience that’s into video games. As technology advances … what are the offerings we can give them?

“Gaming is a category that we will be in shortly. Again, I’m going to keep that tight-lipped.”

WWE’s relationship with 2K was said to be close to ending earlier this year, after the disastrous launch of 2K20 and tensions between the two sides.

With the success of WWE 2K22, it is believed that the promotion and the game developers will continue working together.

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