WWE Has Revamped Several Title Belt Designs


There have been rumors regarding Triple H altering various WWE title belts over the past few weeks. New designs for the men’s and women’s Tag Team Titles were being created, according to a recent report from @BeltFanDan.

Dan pointed out that the belts retain their current appearance, which includes a black strap, two plates, and a large WWE logo in the center. Other old tag team titles with colored straps resemble the women’s tag titles but have never been utilized.

At least three new sets of title belts are finished and are now in the hands of WWE, according to Fightful Select. Other design modifications have reportedly been proposed, but the sources didn’t go any further.

According to WWE talent that Fightful has spoken with, they would personally support some changes to title belts. When asked whether they preferred snaps or velcro, several wrestlers responded that while velcro makes it easier to secure the belt quickly, it looks bad.

Prior to the WWE leadership change, which saw Triple H succeed Vince McMahon as head of creative, there were plans in place to use a few fresh designs.

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