WWE Hell In A Cell Results: Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins


Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match was booked at this year’s WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event. The following is the play-by-play coverage of the match: 

Rhodes went right after the injured pec. Cody with a springboard kick then a cutter. Cody with a figure four, but Rollins got to the bottom rope. Seth hit him with a kendo stick. Seth pushed him into the cage from the apron. Seth tossed him into the cage some more. Rollins hit him with the steel steps. Rollins whipped him with a belt. Rollins put him on a table, but Cody moved and Rollins crashed through it. They used a bull rope. There was a near fall when Rhodes hit his finisher. Rollins powerbombed him in the corner through a table. Cody hit the pedigree for a near fall. Cody chased after Rollins, who caught him with the stomp for 2. Rollins with the crossrhodes, but then Cody hit one of his own. Cody hit two crossrhodes then hit him in the face with the sledgehammer for the win. 


Winner: Cody Rhodes

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