WWE International & North American Revenue Sources


— Following yesterday’s 52-week low of $7.77 a share, WWE’s stock is rebounding today. The stock price quickly increased to $8.66 per share, up ten percent from Thursday’s closing price of $7.84 per share.

— In WWE’s First Quarter 2012 financial report, WWE reported a 4% revenue increase from North American sources, which helped the overall increase during the quarter.

The company says that the increase was “led by the performance of Live and Televised Entertainment,” including WrestleMania Axxess.

WWE said that international revenue was “essentially unchanged” compared to the last year’s quarter. There was a $1.1 million increase from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (through the Abu Dhabi house show tour), a $1.3 million decrease from Latin America and a $0.1 million increase from Asia Pacific.

Revenue from North American made up 75.5% of total revenue ($93 million out of $123.1 total).

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