WWE Interviews Olympic Wrestler Jake Herbert – Details


WWE.com recently interviewed Olympic wrestler Jake Herbert, who also happens to be a WWE fan. Herbert is a former two-time NCAA wrestling champion, and will compete for the gold medal in the 185 lb weight class in London on August 11.

Here are highlights:

On if he would consider a move into “sports entertainment”: “I wouldn’t mind it. I was just talking about that to people today. They’re like, “Aren’t you too small?” because I’m only 185 pounds and most of the guys are like 240, 245 pounds. I was just joking with my coach today that maybe I could be like Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart and be one of the managers. I could jump in and wrestle people, which I think would be awesome.”

On what his finisher would be: “I love the Spike Dudley Acid Death Drop. It’s one of my favorite moves, especially with me being a smaller guy compared to all those other guys out there. I think that would have to be one of my finishers. It’d have to be a double, where I hit him and he falls down, I pick him up and do it again. A double dose, if you will.”

On being a fan of Spike Dudley: “He’s one of my favorites. I was a huge fan of D-Generation X and then turned on to ECW. It’s sport entertainment. It’s awesome. I read Kurt Angle’s book, “It’s True, It’s True,” right before the Olympic trials. So that was really cool because it went from his regular wrestling career to his sports-entertainment career.”

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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