​WWE Issues A Fan Survey Asking What New Benefits WWE Network Subscribers Should Receive


WWE issued the following email survey on Friday, asking their fans which new benefits WWE Network subscribers should receive. The following options were listed in the email:

* Downloads for offline viewing on mobile devices

* Providing the ability to buy merchandise such as video games and WWE apparel before they are available to the public, travel package discounts.

* The ability to vote for WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

* Offering discounted subscription bundles. Examples given were one year for $99.99 or 6 Months for $49.99.

* Offering a discount for Hulu Plus and/or a combined WWE Network/Hulu Plus plan, in order to allow fans to have access to Raw and Smackdown via Hulu Plus.

* Providing one free month of the WWE Network after every 12 consecutive months of being a paid Network subscriber.

* An ad free WWE.com.

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