WWE Issues Statement On Baron Corbin’s Purchase Of The Big Show’s House


WWE announced the following on Thursday…

Baron Corbin buys Big Show’s house

Baron Corbin isn’t just the latest Superstar to hold the Money in the Bank contract, he’s also the third Superstar to inherit a unique heirloom — and no, we don’t mean the Most Metal Athlete award, either.

As The Lone Wolf revealed to Chris Jericho on this week’s episode of “Talk is Jericho,” he recently purchased a house previously owned by Big Show, who had himself bought the property from none other than The Undertaker.

“It was built for a big man,” quips Corbin of the cavernous abode. “Everything is way taller than it should be.”

So, by the transitive property, does that mean Corbin literally owns The Undertaker’s yard now? Roman Reigns might have a few thoughts for the local zoning board official on that one.

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